Spring Beauty Buys

With the change of the season, there comes the light and feathery feeling of my wallet. The annual Spring Shell Out is upon us, and the fact that I have new shopping bags in my hands every time I walk in my house is proof of that. I already talked about some of the spring clothes … More Spring Beauty Buys

My Bad Habits

No person on this planet is perfect. Everyone has little things they do often that they know they shouldn’t. While some bad habits are worse than others, they exist nonetheless. I always have that mental nagging in the back of my head when I do something, but that doesn’t usually stop me. Since I am … More My Bad Habits

Cute Fall Makeup

This is an easy and fairly fast look that I have been known to wear to class before. There’s not too much going on, but the lip color makes it look like you’ve put in much more effort than you actually have. Looks like this one make me even happier that it is fall because … More Cute Fall Makeup